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SEO & Digital Marketing
Training in Oxfordshire


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A unique SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) online video training course for small business,
start-ups and independent companies in Oxfordshire.

Learn everything you need to know about SEO and growing a business online in a jargon free
and easy-to-understand way with step-by-step video lessons, a Facebook group to ask questions
and live group workshops in Oxfordshire.

“What can I say about The Evergreen Academy….
It’s been absolutely invaluable to my small business.” – Lauren Holden

What our members say


Module 1:


Researching and understanding keywords through to
optimising your website and giving your business
an online health-check are just a few of the
lessons covered in module one.

Module 2:


Leveraging Google’s various business services
is covered in detail in module two where we also
learn all about business citations and how to
best use their influence.

Module 3:


Local Content Marketing & Authority Content Marketing
are the foundations for your business performing well online
regardless of your business or industry. In module three
we cover these and more in great detail.

Module 4:


Content Amplification, Link building AKA “link earning”,
Guest Blogging and much more is covered in great detail
in module four as we learn what makes great promotion
and how it can be done very effectively for your business.

Module 5:


Fully understanding and knowing how to use tools
such as Google Analytics and Google’s Search Console are the focus
of module five. We also learn about recommended SEO tools, Social
Media tools and Email Marketing tools.

Module 6:


The bonus material features a bunch of advanced lessons around
competitor research, website speed optimisation and a step-by-step
lesson on tripling your website traffic in 30 days.

Who is the training for?
  • If you wish your website ranked higher on Google
  • If you’re confused by SEO and how to get started online
  • If you don’t have the budget to spend on SEO & marketing
  • If you have been burned by SEO companies in the past
  • If you want complete control of your business online

Do any of the above resonate with you?
If yes, our training, support and workshops may be ideal for you!

Keep reading this page to discover why…

“The Evergreen Academy is a fantastic resource for small businesses to kick start their SEO and promote themselves online.” – Megan Blackham

Academy members receive
  • 25+ Expert lessons taught by Aaron
  • Access to the full SEO Success training course
  • 12+ downloadable worksheets and resources
  • Private Facebook group for questions and assistance
  • Email support for questions
  • Facebook live & video updates
  • On-going course updates
  • Bonus material

Our Oxfordshire members include

“A great resource to help smaller businesses with their SEO and getting themselves noticed online.” – Cathy Dunbabin

Trusted digital marketing expert with an excellent track record



With our SEO Success course you get ALL the tools and knowledge
you need without the hefty price tag, there are no set up costs,
and no contract commitments. It’s just £29 a month. Simple!


SEO scares a lot of business owners and understandably
so as it requires technical expertise; however with me teaching
you everything you need to know, you will soon be able to
take control of your destiny and do your own SEO.


We’re here to support you through the training so you’re
not alone. You have a private Facebook group to ask questions,
live workshops you can attend in Oxfordshire and email support for any
questions you have. We also share updates across our social channels.

“I’ve run my osteopathic practice now for 13 years and before I met Aaron I had an “off the shelf”
generic website that was not optimised at all and I just didn’t realise how old fashioned and stale
it had become. The new website looks great visually and has generated a lot more traffic thanks to
all the behind the scenes SEO work that Aaron has done.”
– Micheal Morton

Course breakdown

Lesson One: SEO Overview

A quick overview of SEO today, what has changed and some key considerations to be mindful of.

Lesson Two: Housekeeping

We check you have Google Analytics and the Search Console set up correctly and if not
how to do this.

Lesson Three: Understanding Keywords

I explain how keyword research has evolved and show you how to do intelligent keyword
research that will beat your competition.

Lesson Four: Understanding On-Page SEO

You learn the importance of on-page SEO and 12 important on-page ranking factors
that are imperative for your business to perform well.

Lesson Five: Optimising Your Website

I walk you through the entire process of auditing your website step-by-step in a
jargon free way that will ensure your website is primed for the top of Google.

Lesson Six: Website Health Check

A few tricks and tips for checking there are no health issues that can prevent your
website from optimal performance in Google.

Lesson One: Leveraging Google’s Services – Part 1

Google have a wealth of business services that can be used to greatly improve your visibility, but they do
confuse a lot of people so I remove the confusion and help you establish your business on Google.

Lesson Two: Leveraging Google’s Services – Part 2

In part two we continue to leverage Google’s services and apply some more advanced techniques to get the
most out of these free business services.

Lesson Three: Directories & Business Citations

A very important step in establishing your business online is to get listed on the key places where people
look online, but where and how do you do this? I share all in this lesson.

Lesson Four: New Citations And Reviews

If you don’t know what a business citation is or how powerful they are you will after watching this lesson.
We also learn about the power of citation reviews.

Lesson One: What Is Content Marketing?

A very important lesson you learn all about one of the founding principles to SEO Success
for your business.

Lesson Two: Local Content Marketing

If you’re a business who targets a specific target area be that a town, city or even county
you will want to pay special attention to the local content marketing lesson.

Lesson Three: Authority Content Marketing – Part 1

In this two-part lesson you will learn how your business can out-muscle the competition
and deserve to rank for any keyword in any niche.

Lesson Four: Authority Content Marketing – Part 2

We continue to learn about authority content marketing and why it’s so important for any
business wanting to establish themselves online.

Lesson Five: Infographics

Here we learn about an entirely different way to produce great content and you get the
offer of using my own agency suppliers.

Lesson One: Understanding Promotion

In this first lesson of Module four you learn about what makes quality promotion and how
brand amplification is the key to success.

Lesson Two: Content Amplification

Once you learn how to use content amplification to your advantage you won’t ever look at
SEO the same again, I promise.

Lesson Three: Resource And Link Pages

A favourite promotional technique for my agency, I share exactly how you can use this
technique to promote your business and have included a bonus advanced feature to ensure
a great return on your time spent.

Lesson Four: Guest Blogging

You will learn what makes quality guest blogging so powerful and see first hand how to go
about using this technique within your promotional campaign.

Lesson One: Understanding Analytics

Having Analytics installed on your website is all well and good, but then what? In this lesson
I give you a thorough walk-through around Google Analytics so you know how to interpret the data
and how to take actionable information from it.

Lesson Two: Advanced Analytics

We take your understanding of Analytics to the next level and look at more advanced features
including how to set up my custom-built spam filtering system to ensure the traffic you’re seeing
right now is accurate (hint: without my filters applied your recorded traffic is almost
certainly wrong and including some spam)

Lesson Three: Search Console Explained

In lesson three I fully explain Google’s Search Console and go through all the options so you
know how to extract the key information for your business. Some very important stuff covered here.

Lesson Four: Tools of the Trade

I share some of the important industry tools you may like to use for your SEO campaign. There are
hundreds of tools out there and here I share with you my personal favourites and what I use daily.

“Easy to follow video tutorials with lots of really useful information and tips. Particularly good for start ups.” – Judy Hadden

My story…

I’ll admit I was a late starter in the digital marketing space.  It wasn’t until I was in my mid-twenties that I discovered my passion for SEO and online marketing.  However, since then it has been one heck of a rollercoaster ride!

Despite being a late-bloomer and adopter, unsurprisingly, my digital marketing career started out on the bottom rung of the ladder – my days were filled with website editing, copywriting and the creating of email newsletters.  But, within a few months I had moved onto more exciting projects in my first role as a web developer (I taught myself to code and build websites) for a fantastic marketing and creative agency. It was here that I learned a great deal about marketing in general and first discovered my true passion for SEO.

Over the next few years I moved around a few digital agencies, all the while learning and harnessing my skills. I was desperate for knowledge, I bought books, signed up for online and offline courses and attended seminars.

After years of not really knowing what I wanted to do with my life, I had finally unlocked the key to my future; I felt like a kid in a sweet shop, there was a world of information out there about SEO and I wanted to learn it all.  It’s hard to put into words the hunger I suddenly had now having discovered something I loved.  I was barely off my computer, always reading and learning, mornings, evenings, weekends… it didn’t matter, there was Aaron sat reading, testing and trialing different things with SEO.  All of this led to me getting the affectionate nick-name from friends and family as “the human sponge”, I just absorbed everything around me.

Back at my day job, I went from a junior level to a management role within quite a short period, thanks to my desire to learn and advance myself.

Before long, I decided the time was right to start my own SEO agency as I was being inundated with requests from friends and friend referrals to review their SEO and digital marketing strategies.

In the summer of 2013, I officially launched my own SEO agency called at the time: Evergreen SEO.  It was a scary thing to do but I knew I was up to the challenge and thanks to the reliable, trustworthy and no-nonsense reputation I was establishing for myself the work came flooding in without my having to spend a penny on marketing or advertising.

Over the next few years, I knuckled down and worked incredibly hard for my clients to ensure that each and everyone of them succeeded online.  I am very proud to say that I still work with many of my very first clients all these years later; and this without any formal contracts, they remain clients (and friends) based on trust and of course the excellent results we have gained.

Through great content marketing and ethical best practice SEO, I have succeeded in getting dozens of small and medium sized businesses ranked at the very top of Google across all sorts of industries; not just in the UK but also in the United States and Australia too!

My agency has continued to grow at an incredible rate and soon meant I need to put together a team of helpers that included creatives, SEOs, copywriters, researchers and motion graphic experts.

We were increasingly being asked by our clients to provide more services such as social media marketing, Adwords management, creative & graphic design, penalty recovery and much more, so the decision was made to change our company name to: ‘The Evergreen Agency’ which more accurately reflects our more-complete digital marketing offering.

The following example shows how my business continues to grow and how to grasp innovative opportunities that might not always seem apparent at first sight.

Fast forward to late 2016; I was sat in my Oxfordshire office when the phone rang, it was an enquiry from a small local business who had found my agency online (we are one of the top ranked SEO agencies in Oxfordshire I am pleased to say!), this lady who was called Judy wanted to know more about my SEO services, and after a 20-minute phone conversation she was loving what I was saying and said how refreshing it was for someone to be honest and open about what was involved and be realistic with time frames etc. (not promising the earth overnight and ultimately not delivering anything).

However, then came the crunch question, budget!  I always ask as it is important to know.  Good quality SEO takes time to achieve – no two ways about it.  There are of course SEO companies in this sector who will make outrageous promises of rankings in days for minimal costs, but as with everything in business and life, you pay for what you get and if something sounds too good to be true, it more than often is!

Judy did not have the budget required, not even close to be truthfully honest and unlike what others may do I was not prepared to promise results on the budget she had, just so that I could win the contract and pocket the budget that she did have.  That would not be fair (or ethical) on her as it would be her hard earned profits I would be taking when I knew I wouldn’t have the time required to get her ranking well in Google.

The call ended and I genuinely felt sorry for her, she runs her business single-handed and was desperate for some help and advice, and what options would she realistically have now?  Turn to one of these ‘SEO-sharks’ who promise the earth and deliver nothing?  Employ an overseas freelancer whom you neither know or are willing to trust with your businesses livelihood or try to read up online and sift through the thousands of SEO blog posts and resources that nine times out of ten are either incorrect or outdated.

No.. There must be a better solution, surely I thought?  But there wasn’t; I looked online for hours and was unable to find a single reliable resource or option.

It got me thinking…could I create something to respond to this evident customer need?  In the days that followed I got that ‘kid in a sweet shop’ feeling again and my mind started racing about what I could do to help Judy and other independent, small businesses like her.

As I write, this it’s just shy of being 8-months to the day that I spoke to Judy and I have created what I feel is the best SEO training course available online for small businesses.

‘SEO Success’, provided by The Evergreen Academy is a culmination of quite literally everything I know about SEO all bundled up into 25+ lessons across five modules that take any independent, small business or start up from the very start of their SEO campaign to SEO Success.

Unlike other inferior SEO courses available, I have left nothing out of the course.  I sat down and wrote down everything that makes a business succeed online with their SEO, I listed everything I do for my agency clients and then simplified every single process into an easy-to-understand and do-able course for a newbie or a non-technical business owner.

When you become a member of The Evergreen Academy you are trusting me with your business success.  I am genuinely determined to make you a success and it is for this reason that every single lesson of the course has been written and recorded by me.  I have not just created long PowerPoint presentations with dozens of slides – no, I am teaching you 1-2-1 in every lesson; whether it is by me talking to you via the camera or showing you how to do the various tasks over my shoulder looking at my screen.

With SEO Success I am your personal SEO teacher, I have intentionally crafted and created the course so that it is as if you are sat in my office next to me, so I can teach you one-to-one absolutely everything you need to know about SEO for your business.

And better still, when you become a member of the ‘Academy’ you receive email support for any questions or support you need and you have life-time access to our Facebook group. This is all yours – at no extra cost – so you have incredible support available; which I know is important, as we all need that confidence and reassurance when starting something new.  I’m on hand to give you precisely that.

So you may be wondering what ever happened to Judy?  Well, I got back in touch once I had drawn up the initial idea and concept and told her what I was planning.  She was over the moon and said she was super-keen to sign up once it was ready.

I built this website, wrote and recorded all the footage and got everything ready then let Judy purchase the course while it was still in beta (testing phase).  I asked her to let everyone know more about her and what she thought of the course and she kindly recorded this video for us… Enjoy!


Did you know the average SEO cost for a small business
in the UK is £1,000 per month?

Over a year that is £12,000.
Over 5 years that is £60,000.

It is a massive investment that isn’t always affordable.

Why spend anything like those figures when you can learn everything you need to know about SEO for your business
with our Oxfordshire training academy and support network.

25+ Expert lessons taught by Aaron (valued at £7,000)
12+ downloadable worksheets and resources (valued at £1,000)
Private Facebook group for questions (valued at £1,000)
Email support for questions (valued at £2,000)
Facebook live & video updates (valued at £1,000)
On-going course updates (priceless!)
Bonus material (valued at £1,995)

All yours for just £49 a month!


Having helped 50+ small businesses across the Oxfordshire and the Thames Valley to rank top of Google I know what I’m talking about when it comes to SEO and growing businesses online.

My Agency clients have experienced massive growth year-on-year thanks to my ethical and honest SEO strategies and core principles around deserving to rank, link earning and brand amplification.

Here are just a few of my clients organic traffic increases year-on-year (traffic coming from search engines such as Google).

I have now put everything I know about SEO, all my experience, expertise and knowledge into the SEO Success video training course so you can learn everything that makes successful SEO for your business without it costing you a fraction of the price to work with mine or another SEO agency.



Frequently asked questions

The Evergreen Academy has been specifically created with independents, small business and start ups
in mind. All the information and lessons within SEO Success come from Aaron’s years of experience
and huge success in running his UK based SEO agency called: The Evergreen Agency in Oxfordshire.

The SEO Success course takes all the key ingredients your business needs, simplifies them and provides
step-by-step tutorials that show you every process in detail from keyword research to website auditing,
content marketing and promotion.

No other SEO course provides so much value, depth and detail in a jargon-free way that is specifically
targeted to business owners who want to equip themselves with the knowledge they need so they aren’t
reliant on expensive SEO agencies any longer.

The course was specifically created for small businesses, independents, start up and basically
anyone running a local business who wants to increase their visibility online themselves and without
paying SEO agencies or freelancers large sums.

We have been surprised just how many students and larger businesses who have contacted us asking for access
and telling us they are going to put their entire marketing team through the course and similar stories.

The simple fact is the SEO information provided throughout SEO Success is extremely actionable
and taught 1-2-1 in a very straight forward way so business owners from all walks of life are
benefiting from the SEO training course.

Our members range from their early 20’s through to late 60’s with all types of background and
across many different business industries.

We anticipate the SEO Success training course taking 12-16 weeks to work through depending
on how much time you dedicate to it.

We recommend spending a couple hours per week and working through the lessons / modules in
chronological order so everything makes sense as you build out your SEO campaign.

You should think of your SEO campaign as an on-going task, successful SEO comes from establishing
your business online over time and it is for this reason all Academy members get access to the
course material for life so you can work through the lessons, take action and then revisit the
lessons to learn more, recap tasks and ensure your campaign continues to move forward and improve.

We were very aware that many of our Academy members would not be coming from a technical background
and as such made sure all the content is as jargon-free as it possibly can be. Aaron made sure to
reference material and explain lots of the “technical” stuff as he works through the lessons to
ensure it all makes sense.

We would say that if you’re not particularly technical then this course is even more suited for you
as it covers everything you need A – Z in one place, one resource and remember you have support
throughout if you do get confused.

SEO Success is not specific to any industry or business niche. Success online for your
business comes from great SEO, this starts with intelligent keyword research, expert
website analysis and then content marketing that surpasses your competition and finally
creative promotion and brand amplification.

All of this is taught in detail throughout SEO Success regardless of your business industry.
Remember with The Evergreen Agency we have worked across 50+ business industries using
the same exact principles and processes used in the course and have ranked dozens of
businesses at the top of Google.

When you purchase the SEO Success training course you receive an email that contains your
username and password as well as a link to the members-only dashboard where you can login
and access the training material.

Be sure to keep your username and password safe as all the training material is only accessible
to members after they login.

We have taken great time and care to ensure the website usability is very straight forward and
easy to navigate so you won’t be able to get lost or confused when accessing the material,
we have made sure of that.

Of course not, but I always recommend our members do as we’re building a fantastic community
of business owners  who are interacting, sharing stories and helping each other.

Within our Facebook group we provide added value by way of Facebook Live updates, videos and more.

Being a part of the growing community is a great way to get support, but remember if you decide
not to join the group you can still get email support for any questions you have.

“Aaron was recommended to Little Bou through a friend, who has her own start-up and has
seen a great business impact of the SEO work that Aaron has implemented on her website. We are delighted
with Aaron’s work so far, which I can honestly say, is in a different league compared to the SEO work
we had done before. Aaron is very strong technically, very proactive in his work and constantly
ooking for new ideas, and above all easy and flexible to work with. We look forward to a long and
successful working relationship and could not recommend him more for any business with online presence.”
– Sacira Coric