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About Aaron & Harriet

Firstly, we would like to welcome you to this website…

The idea for this training academy has been rattling around our heads for years, so now it’s out there, we’re genuinely thrilled you found it and are reading this, so thank you.

We both have a real passion for helping people accomplish their business dreams, it’s why we do what we do in our respective agencies. We work together in our home office in Oxfordshire sat opposite one another day in and day out and love it.

We’re lucky as we’re married, live together and work together in the same office and yet don’t want to kill each other – quite rare, so we’re constantly told.

We work far too many hours (according to our friends and families) but we can’t help it, we love what we do and get a real kick out of helping people succeed whether that be by branding their business and creating brochures or auditing their website and getting them to the top of Google.

We have both been very fortunate to be very successful in our own rights with our marketing agencies, we have each helped dozens of businesses all over the world to grow and blossom online (and offline) in a wide variety of ways.

But we wanted to help even more people. We want to help more local small businesses, independents, start-ups, anyone and everyone who struggles to understand the Internet, online marketing and how to grow their business online.

This desire led us to create The Evergreen Academy, which is now the vehicle that allows us to share our expertise, educate and help hundreds of small business owners all over the world with online training and live workshops in Oxfordshire.

We feel honoured to have helped so many business owners so far, and hope to help many more in the future.

What The Evergreen Academy is All About

This Training Academy was created solely because we love helping local small businesses grow and prosper online.

For years we have worked in the marketing industry, Harriet as a creative graphic designer and branding expert and Aaron as a digital marketing expert and prior to that as a web developer.

In more recent years we have created and launched our own successful marketing agencies. Aaron launched The Evergreen Agency in 2013 and Harriet more recently launched HRH Creative in late 2015.

The idea to create an online community and training resource filled with practical, informative and trusted advice for local small business owners was something we had wanted to do for a long time. We realised from speaking to new and existing clients that it was something people wanted and we knew with our joint-knowledge and expertise it was something we could provide.

Our long-term aim is for The Evergreen Academy to become a ‘hub’ and go-to-resource for small business owners in Oxfordshire who want reliable, trusted advice that comes with real-world experience and expertise. Providing information that they can learn and apply to their own business themselves, without the cost and without the stress of having to employ someone to act on their behalf.

If you’re a business owner or you work for a small company in Oxfordshire and you want to grow your business online then join us on this journey and start learning all the key skills you need today..